New Students at Hay Springs

Tallon Regier, a 13 year old seventh grader, has moved back to Hay Springs to live with his dad. He is joining the Jr. High class of seven. His favorite color is gray. He likes farming and ice cream. His older brother, Brett, just graduated from Hay Springs High School. He also has two sisters, one in ninth grade and one in eleventh grade, neither go to school here with him.

Seth Elsea has transferred to Hay Springs High school from Gordon because “this is supposed to be the better school.” He enjoys playing baseball and will play football next year. Seth can play the drums and enjoys country, rap and some metal/ rock music. Next year will be his senior year.

Jacob Greenough is from California and has lived in Oregon, Utah, Alaska and Iowa before coming to Nebraska. He is a 17 year old senior who enjoys DJ-ing , which he did for dances at some of his last schools. He moved to Hay Springs because his dad, who’s in the military, wanted them to be closer to family. Jacob thinks that “Hay Springs is small but it’s cool because you can get to know everyone more than you would in a bigger school.” He has seven siblings, three brothers and four sisters.

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