Meet a New Student

As the new school year begins, Hay Springs High School has acquired some new kids, and I got the chance to interview one of them. The person I interviewed was Hailey Summers. Hailey has two sibling’s one older sister, who is a senior named Emily, and a younger sister who is in preschool named Cora. They moved here from Rapid City and were from Washington before that.

Hailey likes how Hay Springs High School is so small. She also likes the four day school week, and how easily it is to join a team or do extracurricular things. Hailey’s favorite class is geography, because she likes the teacher.

She is planning on doing volleyball, basketball, and also track. When not in school, Hailey likes to hang out with friends. Hailey should be a good add-on too both our school, and also our sports teams.

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