Fourth Grade Recorders

Fourth graders are learning to play recorders. Recorders are a basic beginning into a world of instrumental music. Ways parents can help:  Students should be practicing at least 30 minutes a week, they need to have their parents sign their practice records at the end of the week. I’’ve had a lot of questions regarding practice time and I want to pass along some suggestions that may be helpful!

  • 1. Schedule a specific time that is always set aside for practicing! -if a student knows that as soon as they get home after school they are to get their instrument practiced BEFORE the TV/computer/video games come on, then they are much more likely to get it done!
  • 2. Spread the practice time throughout the week. -Did you know your mouth has muscles? Just like your body doesn’’t want to have one massive workout a week, your mouth doesn’’t want to be abused once a week either! Break down you practice into smaller moments throughout the week and see how your sound improves!
  • 3. Encourage your student to play for you! -Your student is SO proud of their accomplishments, encourage them to put on a performance for the family so you can tell them how proud YOU are of them!
  • 4. Use positive feedback! -Yes, I know the recorder isn’’t the most pleasing instrument to listen to; but a sure fire way to get your student to stop playing is for you to make negative comments about their hard work! I promise it will get better and your words of encouragement will only help move along their progress!
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