Elders’ Wisdom

With the coming of Fall, it’s time once again to reflect on the contribution that elders have made to the Hay Springs community.  Since Biblical times, the word “elder” has been used to describe an older person with authority who is entitled to respect. To Arabs, the elder was the revered leader, or “sheikh” of a tribe. To Native Americans, elders were and continue to be the respected keepers of a tribe’s cultural heritage and language.

To Hay Springs, elders are those people who have contributed to the economic, political, social, and spiritual heritage of this community.  They are the ones who, through their lifetime of experiences and accumulated knowledge, are best prepared to teach younger members of the community how to build on the past, in order to excel in the future. The Elders’ Wisdom program is an opportunity to honor one or two elder members of the Hay Springs community for their contributions past and present.

The Hay Springs High School Video Production Class, under the supervision of new teacher, Mrs. Melissa Efta, is currently organizing Elders’ Wisdom 2013. Students in the class are learning skills and techniques to create a visual presentation for the program.  Several dedicated community members are helping Mrs. Efta gather the information and feedback necessary to select one or two elders for the program. Please contact Mrs. Efta at the high school if you would like to be involved in organizing or carrying out the program, or to nominate an elder to be honored.

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