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For teachers, thoughts of spring bring with them thoughts of testing.  While testing does take time from classroom instruction, it can also be a valuable tool for teachers and parents.  It allows them to see student progress, strengths, and weaknesses.  It also helps teachers make instructional decisions for individual students and the whole class.  Besides, it’s required by law whether we like it or not.

Students in grades 4, 8, and 11 took the Statewide-writing assessment the end of January or beginning of February.  This is a writing assessment that measures student performance on state writing standards.  It is given every winter.

Students in grades 2-11 are taking the NWEA MAPS assessments in March.  These are computerized assessments in reading, math, language, and science.  Teachers shared the available results at Parent Teacher Conferences.  If all of your child’s scores were not available at conferences they will be sent home at a later date.

The legislature has also required that we start giving a state test in the areas of reading, math, and science.  The reading test is required for students in grades 3 through 8 and 11.  It tests vocabulary and comprehension and is an on-line assessment.  This is a two day test that will be given in April.  Students will also be taking the state math test (NeSA-M) and the state science test (NeSA-S).  You will receive results from all of these tests in the fall.

Elementary students were benchmarked this fall and winter using AIMSweb fluency & comprehension.  This winter they were also benchmarked using AIMSweb math.  They will be benchmarked for spring before school is out.  Teachers should have shared the results from the fall and winter benchmarks at parent-teacher conferences.

Actual test dates have not been set for all tests at this time; however, your child’s teacher should notify them of an impending test.  You can help your child by remembering it is important for him/her to get a good night’s sleep before testing and to eat a good breakfast.  Also remind your child that these tests are important and encourage him/her to do their best.  If you have any questions about these or other assessments please talk with your child’s teacher or contact Mrs. Marx at the school.  She would be happy to answer any questions you have.



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