Seniors to Attend County Government Day

On March 29th, the senior class of Hay Springs will join Seniors from Gordon-Rushville and participate in the annual County Government Day. County Government Day was started in 1942 to educate high school seniors about how local government works. The American Legion Posts and the Auxiliaries from Hay Springs, Rushville and Gordon go together to sponsor the event. The Auxiliaries provide the midday meal.

Each senior will shadow a county court officer for the day. They will see what each officer does in the course of their day. Seniors will find out how county government works and how local tax money is allocated.

At Hay Springs High School, the seniors campaign for four different offices and the student body chooses the winners. Any one not winning election was appointed to another office. This year the offices will be held by the following people.

County Sheriff Marc Sandberg

County Assessor Tauna Letcher

County Treasurer Jerilyn Scherbarth

District Judge Dustin Lee

Public Defender Kelsey Kudrna

County Commissioner Kerisa Marx

County Attorney Dylan Mathson

Road Superintendent Kyle Parker

Weed Superintendent Seth Badje


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