Pumping to Save a Life

Pump, pump!!! This year’s blood drive will be on October 18 from one to five o’clock p.m. at Lister Sage. It is being sponsored by the United Blood Services from Rapid City, and will be organized by the Robotics Blood Team. The purpose of the blood drive is to replenish the blood bank. There is no cost to donate blood, but a person has to be at least sixteen years or older in order to donate. Before someone gets their blood drawn their vital signs must first be checked along with their blood pressure to make sure that they have good clean healthy blood. When getting their blood drawn a person simply sits in a chair and is reclined in order to help them relax. After having their blood drawn the donor must wait five to ten minutes before they can leave to make sure that they have no reactions. While waiting they eat some kind of salty to help replenish their blood. Miriam Kearns says, “It a great thing and helps save lives.”

Homecoming Update

The schedule for this year’s homecoming has been set. On Thursday, October 5 voting for the Homecoming King, Queen, and escorts will commence. The final vote will be taken on the next morning. The senior parents will begin decorating for Coronation on Sunday, October 9. On Monday, Homecoming week officially begins with Coronation in the late afternoon and the bon-fire following the junior high volleyball game. Then on Thursday, the pep rally will be on Main Street around 4 p.m. Mrs. Garrett and Mrs. Houser will be in charge of the fun and games. That same night at 7 p.m. there will be a football team versus volleyball team softball game sponsored by the coaches. Saturday evening will be the Homecoming dance sponsored by the Student Council.

The dress up days are as follows: Monday- Teacher Imitation Day, Tuesday- Pirates’ Day, Wednesday- Celebrity/Rock Star Day, and Thursday- Hay Springs Hat and Jersey Day.

School Pictures Update

Smile BIG!!! The date has been set for this year’s school picture day. Pictures are scheduled to be taken on Wednesday, October 19 in the auditorium. The photographer will be Sheila Letcher from Sheila L. Studios.

HSTV Newscast for September 19, 2011

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Stephen Pummel
Superintendent of Schools

Update from the Newsdesk

Mr. Janes here, with an update. The HSTV Newscast will be on hiatus for a few weeks as the Video Production students focus on learning how to edit and master video. In fact, they begin today so the 9/16 Newscast should be ready by week’s end – watch for it here. Once Albert, John, Dustin, Sage, Dylan and Marc are ready, the next HSTV Newscast credits will reflect a 100% student-developed production.

But fear not, the Hay Springs Schools news will continue to be cried throughout the town. The journalism students are expanding their coverage to include all games, Junior High through Varsity, for a more robust review of the week in sports. We ask all staff, parents and community members to submit story ideas to me, Mr. Janes, at jjanes@panesu.org so we can be as inclusive as possible. With that said, we will keep publishing the news on a weekly basis (as we have since August, for those of you who visit our website).

That reminds me, did you hear about the upcoming changes to the school Yearbook? You will soon. (How cruel, Mr. Janes!)


Recognition to parents. Parent’s night will be Thursday, October 20. It will take place at Lister Sage in between the JV and varsity games of volleyball and at half time during the football game. Cross country will be introduced at the same time as volleyball. The football and flags parents will both be recognized at halftime of the football game. The purpose of parent’s night is to recognize and thank all of the parents who allow their kids to go out for sports. There is also a big thanks to them for all of the support that they provide. Everyone will go alphabetically with seniors first. There will be no flowers to order this year as the parents will just wear the buttons of their kid’s faces. Mrs. Palmer shares a quote by Angela Schwindt, “While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is about.”

Go Big Green!

Blue – 42! Last Friday, September 16 the mighty Hawks played against the Cody-Kilgore Cowboys. The game took place in Cody at one O’clock. The final score was Cowboys 20, Hawks 14. Sadly The game went into double over time with the Hawks coming up just short of the win. Even with the cold windy weather the boys played just as hard as they always do.

Returning Junior Austin W. said, “We played pretty hard it just didn’t turn out the way we would of liked it to.”

This coming Friday, September 23, in an away game, the Hay Springs boys will face off against Creek Valley at 7p.m.

Hay Springs Tradition

Serves Up!!! This past Saturday the Lady Hawks traveled to Hemingford for a volleyball tournament. The other teams that took part in the tournament were Sioux County, Morrill, Hemingford, Hyannis, and Minatare. Hay Springs played the second game of the day against Sioux County and won in two sets with scores of 25-17 and 25-10. Then they waited and watched three other games before their next game against Morrill. They won that game in two sets, scoring 26-24 and 25-16. Winning their first two games put the Lady Hawks into the championship game against Hyannis. Hyannis put up a good fight against Hay Springs, but in the end the Hawks still came out on top winning 25-18 and 25-23. With their final win of the day the ladies carried on the tradition of winning the Hemingford tournament for the fifth year in a row.

Bus driver Lori Schneider said, “The girls have really started improving, I see something different in every game.”

The ladies will face off with Mitchell on Thursday September 22 at 5p.m. in Hay Springs. They will then travel to Crawford on Saturday for the Crawford Tournament starting at 10a.m.

Reading Rocks!

This month Mrs. Matthews has suggested a book to read for each level. For the upper level she picked Zlata’s Diary by Zlata Filpovic. It’s about a girl who was in Sarajevo during the war. For middle level she suggested Middle School the Worst Years of my Life by James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts. This book is about a boy who decides to break all the rules in his middle school, but there are consequences in the end. For the lower level she suggested The Magic Tree House books by Mary Pope Osborne. The books are about a boy and girl named Jack and Ann who have a magic tree house and they travel back in time. They went back to the dinosaur period, ancient Egypt, the Wild West and even the North Pole.

Mrs. Matthews said, “Everyone should read every day for twenty minutes.”