Pennies for Patients – Let’s make Leukemia Disappear! Dress up Week January 23 – January 26

Let’s make Leukemia Disappear!

Dress up week

January 23 – January 26


Monday: Be a hero Hat*** Day

Donate a dollar to your first hour teacher, and you can wear your hat all day


Tuesday: Team up against Leukemia

Wear your favorite team jersey (and hat*** if you pay another dollar to your first hour teacher!)

Wear your favorite jersey for $1.00, add a hat for another $1.00


Wednesday: Dress up to Dress down Leukemia!!

Girls, here is another chance to wear those prom dresses!  Boys, slacks, shirt and tie!! Elementary: dresses and slacks with nice shirt and tie!!!

Dress up for a $1.00


Thursday: No more sleeping on it, Let’s make Leukemia Disappear

Wear pajamas to school for a $1.00


***Want to wear your hat all week?  Pay your first hour teacher $5.00 on Monday and you can wear it all week!!


STAFF:  Want to wear jeans all week?  It will cost you $5.00!

Panhandle Athletic Conference 2016-2017 Varsity Tournament Schedule

2016-2017 Girls Varsity PANCO Basketball

2016-2017 Boys Varsity PANCO Basketball

Calendar 1 approved for 2017-2018 school year

2017-18 approved calendar (1)

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Calendar Proposals for 2017-2018 School Year. – return to school by Jan 5th

2017-2018 Academic Calendar Proposals

4th Grade Cookie Bake

4th grade has been studying about all the immigrants that have made up NE in NE History.  So we decided it tis the season to bake some cookies from other countries.  We made Dutch cookies, Meatball cookies from Italy, Old German honey cookies and Spice cookies from England.  Who knew how many excellent bakers there were in 4th Grade!

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HS G/B BB and HS Wrestling events for this weekend have been postoned!

HS G/B BB for this weekend at McPherson County have been postponed to Dec. 22nd due to predicted weather. There will be no JV games. Girls Varsity will begin at 3:30 Mountain time followed by Boys Varsity. Also, high school wrestling will not be traveling to Sidney this weekend because of weather.

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Santa Soup Cookoff and the Nights, Lights and Music concert postponed til Monday, December 19th

Due to the predicted storm forcast the Santa Soup Cookoff and the Nights, Lights and Music concert will be postponed til Monday, December 19th. Same time, same place. Hope to see you there!! Stay Safe and Warm!

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We Are Public Education In Nebraska! – Video

We Are Public Education In Nebraska! – Video

Kids Play Image.pngPublic education in Nebraska has many faces.
Over the past few months, NASB has worked with students, educators, alumni, and more all across Nebraska to show just who, and what is public education in Nebraska and what it can create.  This video highlights the fantastic learning experiences happening every day in Nebraska’s public schools.  Nebraska has amongst the best teachers, administrators, and school board members in the nation leading our youth, and this video is a great opportunity to share those successes.
Students across Nebraska from kindergarten to 12th grade are featured throughout, as well as education leaders like Commissioner of Education, Dr. Matt Blomstedt, school board members, superintendents, teachers, and more.
Cameos from famous alumni proudly stating that they are products of public education in Nebraska include U.S. Senator Deb Fischer, Tom Osborne, U.S. retired Astronaut Clayton Anderson, and University of Nebraska Regent Tim Clare, to just name a few. Special thanks goes out to the following sponsors who helped make this video happen: ALICAP, Ameritas, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Crouch Recreation, DLR Group, FES, OneSource, Sparq Data Solutions, and Trane.
The video is intended to be viewed and shared throughout Nebraska’s districts and communities, with students, parents, teachers, alumni, key stakeholders, and more, and can be accessed at:

School Wide Food Drive – November 28 through December 13. Start Saving Now!!

School Wide Food Drive

This year, let’s work together to have a successful food drive.

Want some free time in class?

If Kindergarten through 12th grade collects 1500 items for the food drive, every class will get 30 minutes of free time in one of their classes.

If Kindergarten through 12th grade collects 2000 items for the food drive, every class will get 1 hour of free time.

Collect 2500, you get another half hour. Collect 3000, another half hour.  Classes can receive up to two hours of free time!


No expired items will be accepted, (check those expiration dates!)

A case of Ramen Noodles counts as one item

Diapers count as two items!

Items need to be deposited in the boxes in the cafeteria

The food pantry is asking for non-perishable food items, personal Hygiene (i.e. soap, shampoo, toothpaste/brushes, etc.), condiments (i.e. mustard, mayo, etc.), diapers, sugar, cooking oil, dry milk, and paper goods (i.e. Paper towels, toilet paper, Kleenex, etc.)  Thank you!

November 28 through December 13

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All practices are canceled for tonight, 11/17 due to the weather! Friday School is still scheduled!!

All practices are canceled for tonight due to the weather. (i.e – Junior High/High School Wrestling  and Youth Girls and Boys Basketball)

Friday School is STILL scheduled to take place!!