Hawks Hopes of Going Undefeated Is Now A Lost Thought

The Hay Springs Hawks had hoped to make this year an unforgettable one by going undefeated in the regular season. Last Thursday night the Hawks faced the Hemingford Bobcats quickly killing that dream as they went 3-1.

The Hawks had come out early hitting hard, but the Bobcats didn’t back down. They stopped the Hawk’s run game almost completely, ending with ZERO rushing yards. Their passing game wasn’t much better, with 4 completed passes and threw 3 interceptions

The Bobcats didn’t put their second team in until the middle of the third quarter. The Hawks quickly jumped on that and put up 16 points late in the third. The Bobcats wouldn’t have that though. They put in the first team again until late in the fourth, when the Hawks put their second team in against Hemingford’s second team. The score was 62 to 16 but Hemingford decided to pound the ball in on the 3-yard line, making the score 70 to 16. With four seconds left Chris Ray returned the ball making the final score 70-22.

Next Thursday night Hay Springs face off against the Leyton Warriors. Kick off time is 7 pm. Leyton is the top district rival for this years’ Hawk’s football system.

Hawks Go 3-0

Last Thursday night, September 12th, the Hawks played the Edgemont Moguls on the home field. The Hawks quickly shut the Moguls down in the first quarter, ending with the score of 34-0. Shortly into the second quarter Coach Jason Funk took out the starters to replace them with the second team. Chris Ray said, “We executed our offence and defense efficiently to come out on top early.”

The Hawks still put up 30 points, but the Moguls weren’t going home without a score on the board. They returned to kick-offs but weren’t able to get the two-point conversion and the other was an attempted PAT that was also shut down by the Hawks.

In the 3rd and 4th quarters the Hawks put up another 8 points in each ending the game with the final score of 80-12. Jordan Houser exclaims, ‘’We could have gotten out of that game without them scoring, but we’re not the type of team to run up the score.”

Pep Rally for Football and Volleyball Teams at 4:00 pm TODAY on the football field!!


Security First Bank hosting Tail Gate Party!!

Security First Bank is hosting a FREE Tail Gate Party before the football game tonight at 6:00 pm. “Kick for Cash” will take place at 1/2 time of the football game tonight and the winner of the drawing is Seth Nowak. Seth will need to find someone to kick for him since he is on the football team. Good Luck Hawks!!

Down Set Hut

The 2013 Hay Springs Hawks football team kicked off with a win against the Morrill Lions. The raging lions came out and were tamed. The Hawks won the game 44-8.

The Hawks got off to a fast start putting up 38 points on the first half. The Lions remained scoreless until the end of the third quarter. Stevin Horrocks and Jordan Houser combined for over 200 yards in the first half. Even starting center Riley Abbot scored on a recovered fumble. The second team was also very successful only allowing the Lions to score once.

The Hawks won the game 44-8 and are now preparing for their next game at Rapid City Christian on September 6th at 7:00.

Gridiron Boys Take the Field and Volleyball Girls Take the Court

Football and volleyball season is quickly approaching. Both the football and volleyball teams will be soaring to new coaching heights with the addition of new football Head Coach Jason Funk and volleyball Head Coach Val Bila.

When asked about football, Coach Jason Funk said that he has high expectations for this year. Coach Funk also said, “ We have lots of talent and should perform well if we play to our potential.” This years football team includes Mathew Hessler, Joey Johnson, Stevin Horrocks, Jordan Houser, Nate Letcher, Chris Ray, Levi Ray, Jordan Encinia, Dylan Parker, Kolten Marx, Seth Nowak, Riley Abbot, Austin Reed, Jake Johnson, Dakota Heiting, Eli Badje, Zade Henry, Tyler Merritt, Drew Letcher, Garrett Weyers, Kobe Encinia, and Nathan Tobiasson. The hawks kick off the season on August 30th at Morrill.

Val Bila is the new head volleyball coach this year. When asked why she decided to take on the role she said “I haven’t coached for a few years; I’ve been too busy following Christian playing. I’ve really missed it; I am really excited about it!” She has a long history of coaching this sport. She was head coach at Torrington for two years, and assistant coach for four years. She was also head coach at Bridgeport for two years and assistant coach for both Sioux County and Morrill for one year each.

Bila also coached several different club-teams as well. Helping her this year is assistant coach Kyli Heiting, and volunteer assistant Christian Bila. When asked what she expected the season to be like she said, “I am really optimistic that we are going to play well. We will surprise people; they won’t see the same team they saw during summer league. I think we can compete with everybody in our conference, subdistricts, and districts.” Her main goals for the volleyball team this year are to have players work together, play confidently, and have fun while winning. She expects Mitchell and Leyton to be the toughest competition this year. The season will open up on Saturday, September 7, against Arthur at home.

Attention Hawk Fans!!!!!!

Please plan on attending the HS FB GATORADE SCRIMMAGE on Friday, August 23rd at 6:00 pm. Come see what our team is made of!!!


Below is a revised plan for the football playoffs.

  •  School bus will leave Hay Springs at 4:00 pm, Wednesday, October 24th.
  • Pep Rally at 3:45 pm in the Auditorium prior to the team leaving
  • (All K-12 Students, parents, and community welcome to attend)
  • Drive to Broken Bow to spend the night.
  • Leave Broken Bow on Thursday morning and drive to Giltner, Nebraska.
  • Play Game at 4:00 pm Central Time
  • After the game, Giltner will feed our players
  • Leave for Hay Springs after the game/supper and return home.

Football Playoff in Giltner

Game is scheduled for Thursday, Ocotber 25th beginning at 4:00 pm (Central Time)

Football players will leave Thursday, Ocotber 25th at 6:00 am. They will eat lunch on the trip to Giltner.

Giltner will feed our football team after the game.

The team will return to Hay Springs after the game on Thursday. The team will not be staying the night.


There will be a pep rally Wednesday beginning at 4:00 pm in the Auditorium. Students will be dismissed from the Auditorium.

Fall Parents’ Night

This year Volleyball and Football Parent’s Night will be on separate evenings. Volleyball and Cross Country Parent’s Night will be held on Tuesday, October 16th against Hemingford with Football Parent’s Night following on Friday night, October 19 against Potter-Dix. These games are the final home games for the regular season. This will allow parents to enjoy both evenings without having to miss either event.