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Lady Hawks “Thank You”

Thank you to everyone that supported the Lady Hawks volleyball team this season. The team and coaches sincerely appreciated all the support we received at games at home and away! Special thanks to the student body who turned out to all the home games and made a bunch of noise, because a loud gym is a winning gym!  The coaches also need to thank Adriene and Staci for arranging transportation, Ricky for driving for us, Larel for making sure we had a working camera and for live streaming games, Ms. Kudrna for all the little things she did to make sure we had all the information we needed.  I owe a huge thanks to Raime Varvel for driving for us when we needed her and especially for being my bookkeeper. Coach Badje, thank you for everything this year!  I appreciate you more than you know! To all the parents, thank you for entrusting us with your daughters and for cheering us on from the stands. You are raising an amazing bunch of women! Lady Hawks you are engraved on my heart!  I will never forget all your hard work and desire to always be better than the day before and for representing Hay Springs High School with the utmost class!


Sincerely, Coach Merritt


(Disclaimer) If I forgot someone I apologize. Know that you are appreciated!

Subdistrict VB Fan Information

  Masks are also required for everyone attending.

 We will be clearing out the gym after the first match on Monday.  We will let the volleyball teams from Crawford and Hay Springs in, but fans from those two schools will have to wait until we have disinfected everything which will not take very long.  Once that has happened we will open the doors.  That means the end of the season gatherings will not be allowed so please pass the information along.

All games will be broadcast on Striv.tv.

2020 Panhandle Conference Volleyball Tournament

Date: Saturday, October 17th, 2020
Time: 9:00AM (first game) All times Est. after first game.
Site: Crawford
Teams: Crawford, Edgemont, Hemingford, Hay Springs, Morrill, Sioux County
Tournament Directors: Rick Barry, AD
Phone: 308.665.1531 Fax: 308.665.1483 Cell: 308.430.4810

  1. The first game for the tournament will start at 9a.m.
  2. Ticket prices: $6-Adults: $5-Students: Cheerleaders in uniform-Free All others getting in free must be on your schools pass list. NO SCHOOL PASSES
  3. Top Team of the bracket is the home team. Home team will be considered to be the official book of each match.
  4. Libero Tracker must be provided by the home team unless that team does not use a libero then the visiting team will need to provide a tracker.
  5. Passes-each school is allowed a total of 26 passes. 18-player/manager: 2 coaches: 6-Administrators. Since it is a one day tournament, we will use a pass list for each school and mark them off as they arrive. Each school is responsible for their pass list by Friday, October 16th to Rick Barry(rick.barry@cpsrams.org)
  6. Medals will be awarded to the top three teams. They are presented after the 3rd place and championship matches.
  7. Officials- Amy Swisher & Co.
  8. All matches are best of three formats. We will be using rally scoring with all games going to 25 points. There will be no cap and you must win by 2.
  9. All locker rooms will be assigned when you arrive.
  10. Valuables – Crawford High School will not be responsible for lost or stolen items. Encourage all to take care of their valuables.
  11. Hospitality Room- No hospitality due to Covid. We will be giving out tickets to get a meal at the concession stand. (Bowl of Chili and Cinnamon Roll).


1.  Masks are required.

2.  Fans will be seated by School. Please sit with your school.

3.  Crawford will post a youtube link on our website for all the games on Saturday.


1.  A locker room will be provide(Some schools will get a classroom).


1.  Masks are option for players playing. Crawford High will be wearing masks.

2.  Masks will be required for players on the bench area.

3.  Player seats will be spaced out with distancing 


1.  We encourage you to make group talks quickly when players are within the 6 feet.  Keep them spread out as much as possible. Masks are required.


1.  Water will be provided on benches with NO cups.  Players must have their own bottle.  Players should sanitize BEFORE filling their cups. 


1.   Concessions will be sold.

Match Particulars

1.  Teams will not switch sides of the floor.  

2.  Best of 3 with third set going to 25.

  • Volleyballs will be sanitized periodically during the matches and between matches.
  • If a ball goes into the stands please give them to our cleaning girls on the sides.

If you have any questions or concerns, anything I missed in this COVID world we live in,   please let me know.

Pre-game information

  • Proactive communication on the CPS website(cpsrams.org) – Activities will also use Remind App
  • Tickets for contests may be purchased in advance at the High School office to avoid lines.

Event Attendance

  • Please stay home if you are sick!
  • All of the fall Crawford outdoor athletic events will not be capped at the current moment.
  • All of the fall Crawford indoor athletic events will be capped at 75% at the current moment.

Any further updates from the Governor or Panhandle Public Health may require adjustments to this.

  • Face coverings will be required at all indoor events and required at outdoor games.
  • Crawford Public Schools are encouraging you to sit with your family and to distance yourself from others at our football contests if you are not sitting in our bleachers.
  • Fans and spectators are encouraged to bring exact change for the game fee.
    • Panhandle Conference – $6 Adults and $5 Students
  • Please follow social distancing while entering events to avoid lines and congregating.

Band and Cheer

  • No indoor pep bands will be allowed.
  • Cheerleaders will be away from the crowd and must wear masks.


  • Students and groups will sell concessions from the concessions stand.
  • Masks will be required for those working in the concession stand.
  • Please follow our distancing measures to avoid lines and gatherings.
  • Parents and spectators are encouraged to pay with exact change.

Please remember that all guidelines from the Panhandle Public Health may change at any time.

Hemingford Junior High VB Invite, Saturday 10/3


Match #1 Hemingford  Vs. Sioux Co   9:00 am

Match #2 Bayard Vs. Hays Springs

Match #3 Garden Co Vs,      St. Agnes

Match #4  Gordon/ Rushville Vs. Crawford

Match #5 Loser of #1 Vs Loser of #2

Match #6 Loser of # 3 Vs.     Loser of #4

Match #7 Winner of #1 Vs.      Winner of #2

Match #8 Winner of #3 Vs.      Winner of #4

Championship    Winner of #7       Vs.      Winner of #8

Conference JH Volleyball 09/26

Panhandle Conference
Host: Crawford


MATCH #1 9:00 am Hemingford vs Hay Springs

MATCH #2 10:00am Edgemont vs Sioux County

MATCH #3 11:00am Morrill vs St. Agnes

MATCH #4 12:00pm Winner of #2 vs Winner of #1

MATCH #5 1:00pm Crawford vs Winner of #3

15 Minute Break

MATCH #6 2:15pm Winner of #5 vs Winner of #4

Sheridan County Volleyball Invite

Varsity Portion of the Sheridan County VB Invite in Hay Springs

Game Time/Date: Saturday, September 12, 2020, in Gordon.

Locker Room: Locker rooms will be assigned upon team arrivals.

Game Protocol: Teams will not switch benches during sets. After each match we will clean the benches for the next game. We ask that you perform a temperature test before leaving your facility. Masks are requested when athletes are not in competition and sitting on the bench.

Officials: Gooder & Co. and Rischling & Co.

Fans: Fans will enter through the northeast doors, where in the past fans have entered to go to the gym. Fans will have designated areas to sit in the gym, which will be labeled on the walls. Masks are not required, but we strongly encourage fans to wear masks when you are not able to social distance, so we can continue our seasons without being interrupted with quarantines and no contests. We are asking to limit attendance to immediate family (mom, dad and siblings) and grandparents. We are confident that our gym is big enough to meet PPHB expectations. All siblings attending are required to wear a mask at all times. If at any time fans enter the foyer for concessions or restrooms, masks are required so please have a mask available. We thank you all ahead of time for your cooperation and understanding.

Concessions: Concessions will be available on the southeast side of the field, as well as the restrooms. Limited items will be sold (Pop, candy, pre-bagged popcorn and pre-wrapped hot dogs.). Please make sure you are practicing social distancing when going through the concession line and have your money available so we can get people through quickly. Masks are required when using the restrooms.

Admission: $6 for adults and $4 for students

Sheridan County VB Invite Game Schedule in Gordon:

Game 1 (8:00) – Hay Springs vs Crawford
Game 2 (9:00) – G-R vs Hemingford
Game 3 (10:00) – Kimball vs Crawford
Game 4 (11:00) – G-R vs Hay Springs
Game 5 (12:00) – Kimball vs Hemingford
Game 6 (1:00) – G-R vs Crawford
Game 7 (2:00) – Hay Springs vs Hemingford
Game 8 (3:00) – G-R vs Kimball
Game 9 (4:00) – Crawford vs Hemingford
Game 10 (5:00) – Kimball vs Hay Springs

Officials – Gooder & Co, Rischling & Co

JV Portion of the Sheridan County VB Invite in Hay Springs

Game Time/Date: Saturday, September 12, 2020, in Hay Springs

Locker Room: Locker rooms will be assigned upon arrival

Game Protocol: Teams will not switch benches during sets and benches will be cleaned between matches. Please check temperatures before leaving your facility. Masks are not required, but are recommended.

Fans: Fans will have designated seating areas in the gym, which will be labeled on the walls. Masks are not required, but strongly encouraged. Please make sure to social distance when standing in line or seated in the bleachers.

Concessions: Concessions will be available.

Admission: $6 for adults and $4 for students.

Junior Varsity Game Schedule in Hay Springs:

Game 1 (8:00) Hay Springs vs Hemingford
Game 2 (9:00) Crawford vs Gordon-Rushville
Game 3 (10:00) Kimball vs Winner of game one
Game 4 (11:00) L1 vs L2
Game 5 (12:00) W4 vs L3
Game 6 (1:00) Championship W2 vs W3

Junior High Volleyball Preview

Our Junior High Volleyball team is made up of 12 girls this fall. We have 3 eighth graders, 3 seventh graders, and 6 sixth graders playing this fall. Within this mix we have a pretty broad range of skills and experience, but everyone has been working well together!

The last two weeks we have spent a lot of time focusing on fundamentals and I have already seen huge improvements in the girls! We are all really excited for this season to get underway with our first game at home on the 3rd!!