Football Season Preview

The Hawks football team should have an exciting year.  We are returning a great bunch of kids that have a lot of experience.  With most everyone knowing the system it will let practices flow smoother and give us more time to fine tune both our offense and defense.

This summer Joe Planansky, Jason Funk, Jason Alcorn, and I put on a football camp for any player from 6th grade on up.  I felt this was an excellent experience for the kids.  We taught a lot of football fundamentals and techniques in three days.  During the camp we stressed on how to be a better person and student by getting a good education, showing integrity, putting forth effort, having a good attitude, and to be disciplined.

This year I am pleased to have coach Alcorn back as a full time assistant.  His knowledge and intensity is a huge benefit to the team.   Coach Jason Funk will be new to the program this year also.  He is a CSC alum, and a hall of famer.  He will help us when he has free time.  Issac and Nick will also be back to help us out again.  It is nice to have great coaches and volunteers. They are invaluable to the hawks.

See you this fall! Coach Turman

Concussion Testing

To be in compliance with a new Nebraska State law on concussion awareness in high school athletics Hay Springs Schools will be testing ALL student athletes grades 6-12.

This MUST be done before competition or practice, again this is for all sports not just contact sports.  ALL ATHLETES, ALL SPORTS!

Testing will be done:

Monday, August 6th

1:00 p.m.

at Hay Springs High School

The tests, both a cognitive and a spacial test, will be conducted by the physical therapy department for Box Butte General Hospital.

This test will provide a baseline that athletes must meet before returning to play following a concussion.

It will be difficult to schedule a test after this date and may be expensive.  Plan on attending om Monday, August 6th.

Let’s Get Ready to Play

Touchdown! Last Thursday, September 22 at six O’clock p.m. the Hay Springs Junior High football team played at Morrill. Morrill scored before the quarter ended making the game 16-0. They scored again at the start of the second quarter. At half time the score was 26-0 with Morrill in the lead. They had a repeat in the third quarter with the score advancing 32-0. In the fourth quarter the Hawks started off with a first down as a result of a good run from Austin Reed and later ended up scoring the only touchdown of the night with the score being 32-6. Dakota Heiting also had a good run but penalties brought it back. The final score was Morrill 44, Hawks 6.

Drew said, “We need more practice.”

The next Junior High football game will be at home on Saturday, October 8 against Sioux County at ten O’clock a.m.

Go Big Green

Rock, Chalk, Muscle Hawk!!! Last Friday, September 23 at seven O’clock p.m. the Hay Springs Hawks football team traveled to Creek Valley to play a great game. The Hawks won 36 to 0. This was a great victory for the Hawks and put everyone in high spirits.

Returning Sophomore Stetson said, “The game was good. It was how we were hoping it would be.”

The next High School football game will be against Paxton. The game will be at home on Friday, September 30 at five O’clock p.m.


Recognition to parents. Parent’s night will be Thursday, October 20. It will take place at Lister Sage in between the JV and varsity games of volleyball and at half time during the football game. Cross country will be introduced at the same time as volleyball. The football and flags parents will both be recognized at halftime of the football game. The purpose of parent’s night is to recognize and thank all of the parents who allow their kids to go out for sports. There is also a big thanks to them for all of the support that they provide. Everyone will go alphabetically with seniors first. There will be no flowers to order this year as the parents will just wear the buttons of their kid’s faces. Mrs. Palmer shares a quote by Angela Schwindt, “While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is about.”

Go Big Green!

Blue – 42! Last Friday, September 16 the mighty Hawks played against the Cody-Kilgore Cowboys. The game took place in Cody at one O’clock. The final score was Cowboys 20, Hawks 14. Sadly The game went into double over time with the Hawks coming up just short of the win. Even with the cold windy weather the boys played just as hard as they always do.

Returning Junior Austin W. said, “We played pretty hard it just didn’t turn out the way we would of liked it to.”

This coming Friday, September 23, in an away game, the Hay Springs boys will face off against Creek Valley at 7p.m.

Ready, Set, Hike!

Hawks vs. Moguls

Won’t be beat! Last Friday, September 9 the Hay Springs High School football team played their second game of the season. It was a home game played at seven o’clock p.m . The Hawks faced off against the Edgemont Moguls and were triumphant in winning 40 to 20. It was a great victory for the Hay Springs Hawks and a real boost for the team.

First Varsity Football Game

The Hay Springs varsity football team had their first game of the year Friday, September 2nd. The team traveled to South Dakota to meet Rapid City Christian School. The Hawks came up just short in an overtime nail-biter. The final score was Rapid City Christian 42, Hay Springs 40.

Tight-end Marc Sandberg said, “It was a disappointing loss because we knew we could have beaten them if we had played better in the first half.”

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