Hawks Hopes of Going Undefeated Is Now A Lost Thought

The Hay Springs Hawks had hoped to make this year an unforgettable one by going undefeated in the regular season. Last Thursday night the Hawks faced the Hemingford Bobcats quickly killing that dream as they went 3-1.

The Hawks had come out early hitting hard, but the Bobcats didn’t back down. They stopped the Hawk’s run game almost completely, ending with ZERO rushing yards. Their passing game wasn’t much better, with 4 completed passes and threw 3 interceptions

The Bobcats didn’t put their second team in until the middle of the third quarter. The Hawks quickly jumped on that and put up 16 points late in the third. The Bobcats wouldn’t have that though. They put in the first team again until late in the fourth, when the Hawks put their second team in against Hemingford’s second team. The score was 62 to 16 but Hemingford decided to pound the ball in on the 3-yard line, making the score 70 to 16. With four seconds left Chris Ray returned the ball making the final score 70-22.

Next Thursday night Hay Springs face off against the Leyton Warriors. Kick off time is 7 pm. Leyton is the top district rival for this years’ Hawk’s football system.

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