Concessions Info For Holiday Tournament

Concession Prices
Pop, Water, Gatorade, Bottle Tea, $1.50
Bottle Lemonade

Hot Chocolate, Apple Cider, Tea $1.00

Small $1.00
Large $3.50

Blowpop, 2 Lollies, $0.25
Caramel Apple Sucker

Ring Pops, Pushpops, Goldfish $0.50

Fruit Snacks, Gardettos, Honey Buns $0.75 
Chips, Brownies, Cookies

Candy, Gum, 3 strings of Zots $1.00

Oh Snap! Pickles, Hungry McGee $1.00

Large Gummy Bags $1.50

Jack Links Jerky, Monster Slim Jim $1.75

Today’s Hot Meals
Pretzels $3.50
Toppings—Plain, salted, cinnamon
Dips—Nacho Cheese

Hot Dogs $3.00
Meal—Hot Dog, Chips, Drink $5.00

Hamburger or Cheeseburger $3.50 
Meal—add chips and drink $5.50

Double Burger $5.00
Double Burger meal $7.00

Apple with Caramel Dip $2.50

Drink List
*Soda Pop*
Pepsi Mountain Dew Mist Sunkist 
Doc Rootbeer Diet Pepsi Diet Dew

Cool Blue Fierce Grape Fruit Punch
Orange Glacier Cherry Lemon-lime 

*Non-Carbonated Drinks*
Aquafina Brisk Tea w/Lemon

Pure Leaf Teas
Sweet Unsweetened

Thank you for supporting Sioux County Schools and their
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