Independent Living

This week in Independent Living we made a scarecrow for the Community Fun Club Scarecrow Contest. Some of us students made pumpkin seeds from the pumpkin scarecrow head. We learned how to sew buttons today. In this class we learn several life skills every week. So far we’ve cooked many recipes, made homemade play-dough with kool-aid, written papers about social-awareness, tasted the difference between spices, and learned what types of flour to cook with depending on what we’re making. We also were taught how to calculate taxes, and money management. This prepares us for our future because while we did that, we also learned how to manage our money with rent, groceries, and insurance involved. We learn important things like this on a weekly basis. This is good because it prepares us for life in the future and also gives us knowledge and skills that we can use on a daily basis. –Nevaeh

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