Conservation Festival

On Tuesday, May 4th, the fifth graders attended the Conservation Festival in Chadron hosted by UWNRD. Students visited 8 different presenters who set up hands-on stations to teach about conservation. A few of the stations students experienced were the GPS Scavenger Hunt, Weed Watchers, Migratory Birds Game, Tree Cookies, and always a favorite, the Water Rockets. We had a great day and learned more about how to protect our valuable natural resources. A few students take-aways from the day:

*I learned about aquifers and how water flows through.
*I learned that it is hard for birds to migrate.
*I learned that peeling bark off trees is bad.
*I learned how to use a GPS.
*I learned about different noxious weeds in Nebraska.
*I learned how weeds spread.
*I learned that tree rings will grow bigger if it is healthy.

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