January 2021 Student of the Month

Sam is an extraordinary young man. I am so thrilled to see him receive student of the month. He is always kind to everyone that is around him. He has an infectious smile and a wonderful heart! I loved having him in my classroom and enjoy visiting with him whenever I see him around the school or community.

Sam is one of those rare students who realizes how fortunate we are to be in Hay Springs, NE! He has a positive outlook and generally sees the best in people. He is grateful and appreciative of any extra time teachers spend working with him. Sam has an outstanding work ethic and when he says he will do something, it gets done, oftentimes exceeding expectations. Sam is quick with a witty comment and a laugh that is contagious. An honor well deserved!

Sam has been a student that I can count on to come to class prepared, having completed work before arriving at class. He is constantly looking for new challenges and once he achieves those challenges he’s looking for something more. He is a student who goes above the expectation and encourages others to do more.

Sam’s talents never cease to amaze me. He’s a reader, an excellent writer, he’s kind to everyone, he helps try to steer his class in a better direction when the conversation deteriorates, he’s a gamer, and he’s excellent at reciting poetry and speeches. He’s just all-around fantastic!

Sam is a true leader in the school. He does this by how he carries himself. He treats everybody with respect and is friendly to everyone. His academic skills are top-notch and his talents in his extracurricular activities are amazing. Sam is well-deserving of this honor and will continue to help make our school great!

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