Panco JH Girls Basketball

J.H. Girls Basketball TOURNAMENT
December 14th, 2020
Host: Crawford

1. Tournament will begin at 9:00am on Monday, December 14, 2020.  We will be using a bracket format for the tournament.  There will be a total of 6 games.  Once you lose, you are out.

2. Tickets – We Will Not Be Allowing Fans.

3. Please return a tournament roster as soon as possible to

4. A championship sleeve will be presented to the winning team.

5. No Passes needed.

6. No entry fee.

7. No locker rooms will be available for use. Please dress at home and I will have assigned seating in the gym for teams.

8. Officials for the tournament will be Joe Vogel and Company.

9. Starting time for the first game will be 9:00am and will continue throughout the day with games.  We will only take a short break before the championship game if one of the final teams must meet the mandatory rest time.

10. The team listed on top of the bracket will be the home team. Privileges assigned to the home and visiting teams will be the same as in all games.  We ask that the home team be responsible for the official book unless other arrangements are agreed upon in advance of the match.

11. Crawford will live stream all the games. The link will be on our website(

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