August 2020 Student of the Month

Starting in the 2020-21 school year Hay Springs High School is going to be selecting a student of the month award. Each month teachers and staff will nominate a student they feel best reflects the qualities that best represent what a good citizen of Hay Springs High School looks like. The criteria include, but are not limited to exceptional grades, improvement in grades, work ethic, citizenship, attitude, etc.

The first recipient of the Hay Springs High School student of the month is a young man who has demonstrated many of these traits. He is a leader in school. He caught the attention of a teacher because he took the time to help another student when others did not. He is a leader on the athletic field and court. He is one of the kindest students in the school. That young man is Charles “Chaz” “Little Chuckie” “Charlie” Twarling. Chaz, as most people refer to him as is a distinguished young man. He is admired and liked by almost everyone in the school. His disposition is one of a kind, funny, caring young man. It is well suited that Chaz in awarded the first student of the month award at Hay Springs High School. Here is what some of his teachers had to say about Chaz.

  • “Chaz is one of the kindest students at Hay Springs School. I have watched him play basketball for years and have been amazed at his leadership on the court. I have watched him selflessly serve his team by setting up plays to make sure others can score. He has sacrificed his own glory to make sure others get to be a part of the game.”
  • “Chaz has an amazing sense of humor.”
  • “I have been Chaz’s teacher for many years. He has been one of the most respectful, funny, and kind students I have had in my career. He is a great classmate and teammate to his peers. He leads by example and includes everybody and is well-liked by everyone in the school.” The one thing I most admire about him is that he is the same person when he thinks no one is watching. He is just a good kid. I look forward to seeing what he chooses to do with the rest of his life.”
  • “I would like to nominate Chaz Twarling for the student of the month. Each day he walks one of our students to breakfast. He always reminds her to use the hand sanitizer and keeps her focused in the line. He is so patient and kind. He uses good manners when going through the breakfast line.”
  • “Chaz is a very respectful young man who seems very appreciative of the opportunities Hay Springs school provides for him to be involved. He is very involved in our school activities and is a role model for our younger students. He is an asset to our student body with his contagious smile and positive attitude.”
  • “One thing that has impressed me about Chaz this year was how he handled a disappointment. He really wanted to go be a part of the student section for an away volleyball game, but he knew he had to stay for football practice. He told me how frustrated he was about it, but he stayed and did what he was supposed to do. I made sure to tell him how proud I was of him for making the right decision. He also shows great leadership qualities in Journalism class. When the subject gets too far off-topic, he is quick to steer it back to whatever I was hoping to discuss. He’s a fun guy to have in class! “
  • “Chaz is a wonderful young man. He always has a smile and a hello for everyone. This is well deserved!”

Congratulations Chaz on being selected August 2020 student of the month. Everyone at Hay Springs High School is very proud of you!

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