Congratulations to the following students who were selected to receive a tier II reinforcer for the month of August:
KG-2 – Ariah Johnson
3rd – 5th – Kaytee Kaiser
6-8th – Bo Thies
9-12th – Kaden Langford

At some point during the month these students received a HAWK BUCK, placing them in a drawing for a tier II reinforcer. Students were allowed to select one of the following activities!
Kingergarten-2nd grade:
1. “FAMILY NIGHT BAG” – over the weekend, the student gets to borrow the “family night bag”, which includes games, movies, popcorn etc.
2. Eat dinner with an adult of your choice.
3. Phone call from Principal – Principal to make a positive call home about student’s success in PBIS
4. Special Chair – student gets to sit in a special chair all day.

3rd-6th grade:
1. 5 minute stand up – Get in front of your class and get them to laughing
2. Be a Mentor – student can provide mentor/tutor for another class/grade level. Like reading to younger children
3. Brain break choice – student selects what brain break the class will do.
4. Bring a drink to school – student can bring a drink to class.

7th-12th grade:
1. Assist Custodian
2. Lead the Pledge
3. Helper in Another Classroom
4. Choose music for release bells for week
5. Serve Lunch
6. Introduce Players at a Ball Game
7. “Assistant” Principal for a period

The 1st quarterly PBIS assembly will be held on Monday October 21st! The public is welcomed and encouraged to attend. This will be a school-wide assembly honoring some of our out-standing students!

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