Hay Springs FFA – A New Beginning

Hay Springs Public School had a “Vocational Agriculture” program and active “Future Farmers of American” student leadership organization, during the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s as near as we can determine. With the hiring of Mr. Mark Hagge as a Pre-K -12th Principal, Mr. Lechtenberg will be teaching two Agricultural Science classes this fall. This will allow us the opportunity to get our FFA student leadership organization re-established in Hay Springs School and community. We currently have 19 students enrolled in three Agricultural Science classes which include Introduction to Agricultural Science, Ag Business Management taught by Mr. Lechtenberg and a Veterinary Science class taught by Mrs. Young. An application to get our Hay Springs FFA Chapter re-instated has been submitted to the Nebraska Department of Education Career Education department and pending approval we are moving forward expecting the best. Our students are very excited about our possibilities of “A New Beginning”. With the support of staff, students, parents and community, it is going to be an exciting year. If you have an interest in supporting this process please contact Mr. Lechtenberg, the school office or any of the current Ag Science students.

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