Beef to Lunch Program!!

In an effort to serve our students locally produced beef in our lunch room, the Hay Springs School Board is excited to announce the start of the Beef to Lunch Program!  Local beef producers may donate a live beef to the school to be processed at a USDA certified packing facility.  The closest plant is KDK Lockers near Scottsbluff.

We are looking for local producers who would like to donate some homegrown beef for out students to enjoy next school year.  If you are interested please contact:

Russ Lechtenberg

Adriene Kelly

Shavona Henry

Greg Heiting

All that is required to you is to call and say you will donate! Greg and Megan Heiting have graciously agreed to donate their time and fuel to pick-up and deliver the live beef donated for this program.  Shavona and Chris Henry have also graciously agreed to donate their time and fuel to pick up the processed beef and deliver it to the school.  To date we have two live beef donated by Aaron and Tara Rasmussen and Sheridan County Livestock Auction.  We are looking for at least 3 or more to fill our freezers.  Let us know if you can help.  Remember this donation can be used as a tax write off!


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