Music Monday

Yesterday, April 16th, was Music Monday during Week of the Young Child. Week of the Young Child is a national week created by NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) in order to celebrate and bring recognition to early childhood programs. We try to use music in our classroom daily and are able to go to music once a week with Mrs. Varvel, but had special music activities to celebrate this day.

For Music Monday, the morning class sang their favorite song/finger play Tiny Turtle. We use this song when we are waiting and transitioning to a new activity or to out of the classroom specials. We also picked musical instruments and marched around the classroom as a parade and made our own maracas using materials that we had in our classroom.

Afternoon preschool began their Music Monday by singing along with a song about the letter N. We have found a great letter song for each letter of the alphabet that teaches us whether it is a consonant or vowel, what sound(s) it makes, and words that begin with that letter! This has been a wonderful tool when learning about each letter and the kids enjoying singing along. The kids then made either maracas or a rain stick which we played while we sang different songs and while we talked about rhythm and beat.


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