Horses, Ducklings, Chicks and Dogs – Oh My!

We have had some very exciting Show and Tell times in afternoon preschool this year! It has been great to see the show and tell process grow throughout the year. During show and tell time the listeners practice their listening skills by being quiet and respectful while the student shares and then they ask questions. We first had to learn exactly what a question was, rather than sharing our own stories. We then moved from asking the same questions each time, such as, ‘where and when did you get it’, to more meaningful questions like, “do you keep it in a special spot” and “do you take care of them like give it a bath”. Also, during this time, the speaker is able to strengthen their communication skills, their language, and their confidence as they share about themselves with the class. We have had animals visit for show and tell in the past (some very calm cats, a playful dog, and even a small horse), but this last week was full of them! When children bring animals for show and tell, we work on being quiet and gentle while getting to know the animals. We loved getting to see and pet a “unicorn”, ducklings, chicks, and a small dog. These animals came at a great time as we have been talking about springtime animals being born and learning all about the different baby animals. The children took turns feeding cookies to a very patient “unicorn”. We had learned about ducklings webbed feet and then got to see them in our classroom! The kids have done an amazing job with bringing in show and tells that they enjoy sharing with the class.

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