2018 PANCO Music Contest Champions

On Monday, March 26th, Hay Springs music students brought home the title of PANCO Music Champions!

The following solos & small groups were awarded with excellent (II) ratings​:​
Payton Schoenhals and Kaelob Marx — Mixed Duet
Jessi Badje — Vocal Solo
Bailey Scherbarth, Jaiden Anderson, and Erin Kadlecek — Woodwind Trio
Hannah Wohl — Trumpet Solo
Ciara McCance — Alto Saxophone Solo

The following solos & small groups were awarded with a superior (I) rating:​
Payton Schoenhals and Jessi Badje — Girls Duet
Payton Schoenhals, Jessi Badje, and Kaelob Marx — Mixed Trio
Payton Schoenhals — Vocal Solo
Sam Kearns, Ciara McCance, and Thomas Scherbarth — Senior Trio
Ciara McCance, RyLee Wolken, and Spencer Kadlecek — Saxophone Trio
Joce Varvel, Hannah Wohl, Jace Langford, and Tallon Regier — Brass Quartet
Trace Bilby — Clarinet Solo and Flute Solo
Thomas Scherbarth — Tuba Solo
Ashley Burrows — Bass Guitar Solo
Joce Varvel — Baritone Solo
Sam Kearns — Trumpet Solo
Jessi Badje — Flute Solo
​J​oce Varvel — Piano Solo
Gabe Varvel — Piano Solo
Ashley Tobiasson — Flute Solo
Sam Hindman — Alto Saxophone Solo
Logan DeCoste — Baritone Saxophone Solo
Gabe Varvel — Baritone Solo

Large ensembles:
Concert Band — II(excellent)
Jazz Band — I(superior)
Concert Choir — I(superior)
Jazz Choir — I(superior)

The following is a list of “Outstanding performance” winners:
-Payton Schoenhals — Outstanding Vocal Solo
-Trace Bilby — Outstanding Woodwind Solo
-Thomas Scherbarth — Outstanding Brass Solo
-Joce Varvel — Outstanding Piano Solo
-Chaz Twarling-Schiaffo and Clark Orr — Outstanding Percussion Duet
-Outstanding Jazz Choir — Payton Schoenhals, Jessi Badje, Joce Varvel, Bailey Scherbarth, Rylee Wolken, Hannah Wohl, Jaiden Anderson, Ashley Tobiasson, Kaelob Marx, Gabe Varvel, Logan DeCoste, and Sam Hindman
-Outstanding Jazz Band — Sam Kearns, Trace Bilby, Joce Varvel, Thomas Scherbarth, Jessi Badje, Erin Kadlecek, Bailey Scherbarth, Jaiden Anderson, Spencer Kadlecek, Ciara McCance, RyLee Wolken, Hannah Wohl, Tallon Regier, Jace Langford, Chaz Twarling-Schiaffo, and Clark Orr

We are so proud of all these students! If you see them, please congratulate them! Plan to attend our final concert on Tuesday, April 17th to see all the hard work these students have put into their music. WAY TO GO HAWK MUSICIANS!

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