NEW!! Kg-6th Grade After School Program

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Dear K-6th grade parents,

I am writing to inform you of a potentially new after school program that Hay Springs School may be offering for our struggling elementary and middle school students. As you know the school already provides a mandatory Friday school program for our struggling 7th -12th grade students. What we are considering is:

  • Non-mandatory opportunity for students to receive additional academic support from 4:00 until 6:00 Monday through Thursday
  • This will also provide supervision for currently unsupervised students after school. All K-6th students not picked up from school in a timely manner, will be expected to continue their school day by being in attendance at the after school program.
  • Program will be staffed by two adults depending on the number of students involved.
  • One adult will be available to support student’s completion of homework, getting assignments completed, and support academic improvement.
  • One adult will provide student activities for students to work on. There could be a theme for the week or just for the day.  Activities could include art, Legos, science experiments, sports, etc.  Something to keep the students engaged and hopefully learning.  Having fun, but not running around the building and school grounds unsupervised.
  • If 6th graders attend after school every day for homework they may be excused from Friday School, depending on academic improvement.

As an administrative team we are interested in your level of interest in this program. Please stop by the office yet today or call the office next week if your child would utilize this opportunity.



Russell Lechtenberg


Hay Springs Public School

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