Pennies for Patients – Let’s make Leukemia Disappear! Dress up Week January 23 – January 26

Let’s make Leukemia Disappear!

Dress up week

January 23 – January 26


Monday: Be a hero Hat*** Day

Donate a dollar to your first hour teacher, and you can wear your hat all day


Tuesday: Team up against Leukemia

Wear your favorite team jersey (and hat*** if you pay another dollar to your first hour teacher!)

Wear your favorite jersey for $1.00, add a hat for another $1.00


Wednesday: Dress up to Dress down Leukemia!!

Girls, here is another chance to wear those prom dresses!  Boys, slacks, shirt and tie!! Elementary: dresses and slacks with nice shirt and tie!!!

Dress up for a $1.00


Thursday: No more sleeping on it, Let’s make Leukemia Disappear

Wear pajamas to school for a $1.00


***Want to wear your hat all week?  Pay your first hour teacher $5.00 on Monday and you can wear it all week!!


STAFF:  Want to wear jeans all week?  It will cost you $5.00!

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