Elementary HAL Presentations

In September elementary HAL(High Ability Learners) students were challenged to discover or investigate one of their passions and then reflect and share their learning with others. This idea, adapted from the search-engine, Google, promotes the thinking that if you allow people to work on something that interests them, productivity will increase. Students needed to make their project “Product Focused”, meaning at the end of the semester, they had to have made something that was a completed product. Throughout the first semester, students diligently worked on their Passion Projects. The students all did an amazing job, and I am so proud of each of them. On January 20th, students presented their finished products to their families.

[vimeo clip_id=”119294924″ width=”400″ height=”300″]

 [vimeo clip_id=”119294923″ width=”400″ height=”300″]

 [vimeo clip_id=”119294922″ width=”400″ height=”300″]

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