Scholastic Day Contest

Eighteen Hay Springs High School students attended the 54th annual Chadron State College Scholastic Day Contest on Friday, April 4th.  There were over 1400 students from 46 schools and 3 states who competed in 44 tests.  Hay Springs placed first in their division with the following students placing in the top twenty-five percent of all students taking the test.

Kate Roberts 1st in Psychology, 2nd in Health, and 12th in English Usage.

Jennifer Scherbarth 1st in Health and 3rd in Psychology.

Garrett Weyers 7th in General Science and 19th in Algebra 1.

Cydney Jancik 10th in Accounting.

Jordan Houser 12th in Earth Science and 13th in Physical Education Sports Knowledge

Congrats to these students on a job well done, we are very proud of you!


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