5th Grade Pumpkin Projects

Pumpkin Project

By Taylyn Hopkins

                On October 31, 2013 the 5th graders had a project to do.  There were 3 groups with 6 in each group.  There was 1 pumpkin per group.  The first thing we did was see if the pumpkins floated.  Next, we counted the lines and measured the circumference.  Then we predicted how many lines effected how many seeds and how much bigger the circumference was effected the number of seeds.  Then, we cut the tops off and cleaned out the guts.  It was so messy!  Next, we counted how many seeds each group had.  Then we compared how the lines and size of the circumference effected how many seeds there were.  Finally, we recorded our data.

 Pumpkin Day

By Trace Bilby

                Today, instead of doing math, we did experiments!  We got to see if a pumpkin would sink or float in water.  We also got to count the lines.  We measured the circumference of the pumpkins.  Then, we gutted them.  We counted how many seeds there were.  We saw that a smaller pumpkin had the most seeds.

Pumpkin Day

By Bailey Scherbarth

                This morning the 5th graders did a little math and a little science together.  They had to see if their pumpkins floated or sinked.  The students were put into 3 groups.  Group 1 was Taylyn, Shayla, Garrett, Tianna, Trace, and Bailey.  Their pumpkin floated and had 23 line, was 64.5 cm around the pumpkin, and they had a total of 674 seeds.  Group 2 was Hayly, Kaleb, Ruth, Hannah, Kade, and Stone.  Their pumpkin floated and had 24 lines, was 70 cm around the pumpkin, and they had a total of 490 seeds.  Group three was Joce, Jaiden, Brodey, Daniel, Jace, and Samantha.  Their pumpkin floated, and had 20 lines, was 53.5 cm around the pumpkin, and with a total of 793 seeds.  Everyone took out the guts and the seeds.

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