8th Grade Makes Windmills

We did a project on windmills and transferred wind energy to mechanical energy. Creating these windmills taught us little things make a big difference in spinning in windmills. Pitch of the blades helps the windmills generate more energy. The materials also made a difference. Our class had a wide variety of materials for the wind vanes. Some of the materials used were paper, metal, straws, Legos, and cardboard.  We each created two windmills to determine the different that make a windmill spin. Thanks to our parents for aiding us in our science project.—Nathan, Chris, Garrett,Drew

We created windmills for a science project to see which windmill worked best. We learned that we have to bend the wind vanes to catch the wind. We used a fan as the wind source and some of the vanes worked, but some didn’t work at all. The pinwheel design worked the best. We also learned that little changes in the vanes make a big difference in how they spin. We thank our families that helped us make our windmills.—Sydney, Alexis, Tanna, Kristen

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