Winter Ball

The high-school winter ball was a moderate success this year.  Many of the students left early, the dozen or so that stayed had a great time!  They danced until the end, enjoyed the snacks and thanked the chaperones for being there and having the dance! Joey Johnson was crowned king, and Kodee Muhr was crowned Queen.  Congratulations to both of you!

The middle-school dance was a huge success!  Alexis Olson was crowned Princess and Drew Letcher was crowned Prince.  Congratulations to you both!  Winter Ball royalty has never happened for the middle school before, and the students were not aware of it until they were at the dance Friday night.  They all seemed to be enthusiastic about it!

Many, many thanks to the following people for help making the 2013 Winter Balls successful:

Student Council, (especially: Alexis Olson, Rebekah Holtmeier, Sam Kearns and Eli Badje), Mrs. Shimek and her husband, Larel and Megan Reimann, Mrs. Olson (who voluntarily helped clean up after both balls!), Paula Sibel, Toi Riggs and Miriam Kearns (who was there through thick and thin for both dances and brought great suppers for the chaperones and DJ’s), Ricky for pre and post help, Kerisa Marx (who gave up an entire afternoon to help decorate) and Zoe Schneider (who gave up her Friday evening to take pictures at the Junior High dance).

Also, thank you to the Toof’s, Laurin, the Marx’s, and Regg for the trees and other decorations that you loaned us! Thank you to Shannon for the Punch Bowl and Shelly Olson for the chocolate fountain!

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