100th Day Collection Contest

100 DayStudents in grades PreK through 5th brought in their 100th day collections of 100 things. There were displays with legos, paper clips, candies, paper cups…the list could go on and on. Middle Level/High School students and staff voted on the collections. Below are the top 3 selections from each division. 1st place received 3 gold dollars, 2nd place received two, and 3rd place received one.



1st Place: Tripp Buettner

2nd Place: Bo Thies

3rd Place: Aubry Anderson


1st Place: Abbey Russell

2nd Place: Krystyn Riggs

3rd Place: Noah Kelly

2nd & 3rd

1st Place: James Scherbarth

2nd Place: Aisha Corrall

3rd Place: Logan DeCoste

4th & 5th

1st Place: Hannah Wohl

2nd Place: Hayly Hopkins

3rd Place: Bailey Scherbarth

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