Preschool News

Our preschool class is quickly growing and we are so thankful for all sixteen of our little friends!  We are continuing our journey through the alphabet.  Each week we focus on a different letter.  Not only do we learn the letter, but the sound(s) it makes, words that begin with that letter and how to write the letter.  Our art projects, music, and other activities are all centered on the letter of the week.  We took some time off from our weekly letters to celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving.

We have been very busy in our room with all our various activities and holiday celebrations.  For Halloween we were so lucky to Trick-Or-Treat at the area businesses.  We are so lucky and grateful to be part of such a welcoming community!  The preschoolers enjoyed walking to each of the businesses and nursing home and showing off their costumes!  Our preschool class also recently attended the Veteran’s Day program with the rest of the school.  They enjoyed watching the older students sing and speak and were also very proud that they could say the Pledge of Allegiance along with everyone else!

Picture courtesy of ShielaLStudio


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