Preschool Buzz

Time sure flies when we’re having fun!  I cannot believe we have been in preschool for over a month!  We have overcome many obstacles already and are continuing to grow as little learners!  The students have an established routine which helps eliminate unproductive time.  Every morning the preschool students start their day with a family style breakfast.  They are eager to help serve and have already learned many new manners!  We then transition into our day with brushing our teeth.  After that we are ready for the day!  Our day is busy with whole group time, calendar, singing, games, free play, art, outside time, music with Mrs. Varvel and PE with Mrs. Mandelko.  We are also so very thankful to have Mrs. Ray assist us in our room every day!

Some of the themes we have covered so far this year are All about Me, I Have Five Senses, and Shapes.  This week we were excited to begin our study of the alphabet.  We kicked off the week with “A is for Apples” and are doing many activities integrating both the letter “a” and apples.  Literacy awareness is relevant very early in a child’s life.  By introducing skills like knowing the alphabet and letter sounds early on, it provides children with the solid foundation they need to continue on to elementary school.

A large part of our focus in preschool is building positive social skills.  We are working on an array of skills.  We actively participate in sharing our toys and time.  We also are working on table manners, saying please and thank you, chewing with our mouth closed.  Using kind and helpful words is also important to us.  All of these skills are necessary to become independent little kiddos!

Please check the website each week for our weekly newsletter!  The newsletter briefly discusses our theme for the week as well as other preschool happenings.  Needless to say with 13 students we are busy little bees!

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