Dream Room Architects

Students in ITE 7 were given specific criteria and constraints for designing and constructing their own 3-D room in a scale model. Practical problem solving comes into play through the use of available space, material, expense and some construction code enforcement.

Student’s creative juices flowed as they were given the chance to build their virtual room. Accessories were the highlight, as they designed furniture from available materials and brought detail and personal touches that ranged from tiny clothes on hangers to huge flat screen TV’s displaying their favorite shows.

Critical thinking is the glue between abstract learning and practical life. Give your kids a problem and a plan and they might surprise you with the solution of what they are capable of doing when they apply themselves.

Purpose of the assigment:

To study and apply the engineering design process.

  •  Define the problem
  • Gather information
  • Develop a solution
  • Model the solution
  • Test and evaluate the solution
  • Refine the solution
  • Communicate your ideas
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