Summer School Returns

I am sure that everyone has heard we will be having summer school again this summer.  I’m also sure that many of you have questions.  Summer school will run from June 4 through June 28.  It will start at 8:30 and run until 1:30 pm.  We are planning to have a summer lunch program.  Details will be made available at a later date.  Teachers will be here to help students.  At the elementary and middle school levels, students have been assigned summer school based on assessment scores and teacher recommendation.  The primary focus will be on reading skills, but some work will also be done in math to help maintain math skills.  If a student at the middle school fails a core class they will also need to attend summer school in order to move to the next grade level.  At the high school, students who failed a core class will attend summer school to attempt credit recovery.  For this summer we will be offering select classes in math, science, English, and social science.

If your elementary or middle school child has been assigned summer school you will be receiving a letter before school is out.  If your high school student failed a first semester class you should also receive a letter before school is out.  If your child fails a second semester class you will receive a letter shortly after final grades have been posted.

We will be offering a one week summer session for high-ability learners in grades 1-8 in June also.  This session will be by invitation only based on student assessment scores.  Your child should receive an invitation prior to the end of school if they qualify.  Qualifying high school students will also receive an invitation to attend an orientation session and then help with the younger students.

In addition to these we are also again offering a variety of fun summer camps for kids this summer.  Flyers will be out soon.


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