Update from the Newsdesk

Mr. Janes here, with an update. The HSTV Newscast will be on hiatus for a few weeks as the Video Production students focus on learning how to edit and master video. In fact, they begin today so the 9/16 Newscast should be ready by week’s end – watch for it here. Once Albert, John, Dustin, Sage, Dylan and Marc are ready, the next HSTV Newscast credits will reflect a 100% student-developed production.

But fear not, the Hay Springs Schools news will continue to be cried throughout the town. The journalism students are expanding their coverage to include all games, Junior High through Varsity, for a more robust review of the week in sports. We ask all staff, parents and community members to submit story ideas to me, Mr. Janes, at jjanes@panesu.org so we can be as inclusive as possible. With that said, we will keep publishing the news on a weekly basis (as we have since August, for those of you who visit our website).

That reminds me, did you hear about the upcoming changes to the school Yearbook? You will soon. (How cruel, Mr. Janes!)

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