Electrifying Halloween Cards

The sixth grade created Halloween cards as part of a unit on circuitry. The students learned about how to make open, closed, series and parallel circuits; using single and multiple LEDs, and troubleshooting their circuits. Every card was different, highlighting their creativity in design and circuitry. Of course, nothing goes right the first (or second, or third) time but the students persisted until things worked out. Sometimes they had to change the initial plan to make things work.



MATCH #                   GYM               TIME           HOME TEAM                     VISITOR

MATCH #1           ELEM         9:00 am                 St. Agnes    vs     Hay Springs


MATCH #2          ELEM         10:00am                Sioux C.      vs      Crawford


MATCH #3          High S         10:00am                Hem            vs      Edgemont


MATCH #4          ELEM         11:30    Match #1 Winner  vs   Match #2 Winner


MATCH #5          High S         11:30                        Morrill   vs Match #3 Winner



15 Minute Break



MATCH #6 at Elementary School Gym


Championship        Match #4 Winner(H)      vs.     Match #5 Winner(V)

JH Track meet for tomorrow 4/4 in Bayard, has been postponed

JH Track meet for tomorrow, 4/4 has been postponed due to weather forecast, a later date will be announced.

Saturday, February 18th – JH B/BB Gordon/Rushville Invite Bracket

JH B/BB Gordon/Rushville Invite Bracket

Junior High Boys Basketball PANCO Bracket for Monday, January 30th in Crawford

JH Boys Basketball PANCO Bracket 

JH G/BB PANCO Bracket in Hemingford, December 12th


GAME #1 9:00 am Crawford vs Hay Springs

GAME #2 Sioux County vs St. Agnes

GAME #3 Morrill vs Edgemont

GAME #4 GAME #1 Winner vs GAME #2 Winner

GAME #5 Hemingford vs GAME #3 Winner

15 Minute Break

GAME #6 Championship             GAME #4 Winner vs.    GAME #5 Winner


GAME #1            __________

Hay Springs

                                GAME #4                    __________


Sioux County

GAME #2            __________

St. Agnes

                                                                    Championship                    __________

Morrill                                                  Warm-up will start 15 minutes after GAME#5

GAME #3            __________


                                 GAME #5                     __________


JH G/BB game from Nov. 17th has been rescheduled to Dec. 5th

JH G/BB vs. Gordon Rushville at home has been rescheduled to December 5th at 5:00 pm – (Previous date – Nov. 17)

Bees – by the 6th Grade Class

On Wednesday, September 29, we listen and learned about bees. Our speaker’s name was Chris McDonald. He brought in an observation hive of about 1,000 bees out of a hive of around 8,000 bees.

We learned that if a bee larva is not fertilized it becomes a male bee, if it is fertilized it becomes a female. With that being said the males will get kicked out of the hive at the beginning of winter because they don’t work and can’t feed themselves.

After hatching, the larva automatically becomes a nurse bee. A nurse bee feeds all of the baby bees royal jelly. Then they become a worker bee, who puts the honey in the honeycomb which is in the shape of a hexagon. Finally, they become a field bee which gets the pollen and nectar from the flowers.

Our favorite part about the bees was observing what they do in the observation hive and watching the baby bee pop out of the holes. We also thought it was cool when he showed us pictures of the bees.

In conclusion, it is pretty incredible that all those bees can have that whole thing running and making honey and it was awesome learning about it!


By the 6th Grade Class


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Potato farm – 6th Grade Class

When our teacher said we were going to a potato farm we didn’t know what to think. Maybe it would be fun or maybe it would be boring, but after going to it we learned a lot more about potatoes. We first had to drive there and once we got to the farm there was more potatoes than we have ever seen in our lives! After picking up some potatoes the farmer who was disking with his tractor told us how they harvested the potatoes and what they did with them afterwards. First, they spray the potatoes to kill the foliage. Next, a machine would go through and pull the potatoes out of the ground and chop up anything that was left. He also said that a second machine would take them up on a conveyor-belt to shake all the dirt off, then it would drop it into a truck. When the truck starts to get loaded the driver lets some air out of the tires to make them wider, so they don’t leave such deep tracks. (More surface area) When they are loaded and at the end of the field they fill the tires back up and drive to the cellar (It’s a place that keeps them cool and dry until they can sell them). Finally, he told us that they would get used for French fries at places like Hardee’s and McDonald’s. It was really neat learning about potatoes and picking them too.

When we arrived at the field we were surprised to see how many potatoes were on the ground and couldn’t wait to pick them up. There were small ones, big ones, and weird looking one too. It was fun to go out and find the potatoes like it was a big Easter egg hunt. We ran out of bags and buckets to fill, so we started to fill the back of the bus. We all got to take potatoes home. But best of all we got to eat the potatoes which were delicious mashed, fried or baked. Thank you for letting us salvage those wonderful potatoes!

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6th Graders’ Seasons Greetings

Seasons Greetings from Hay Springs Public School!Mrs. Matthews sixth grade class has created some special seasons greetings using the Scratch programming language.  Click on the link below to view them!