Two Selected for Oregon Trail Honor Band

Congratulations to Jen Scherbarth and Cydney Jancik for being selected to the Oregon Trail Honor Band. They will be in Gering on Monday, January 14th for rehearsals. There will be a concert at 5 p.m. at the Gering High School auditorium. Eli Badje and Brittany Ferguson were selected as alternates.Jen.Cyd

Cell Cookies Anyone?

Cookies! Everyone loves cookies! The biology 1 class decorated cookie dough to look like cells. Each student was given a ball of cookie dough. They used sprinkles of different colors and shapes, tiny candies, chocolate pieces, etc. to represent the organelles in cells. Then cookies were refrigerated until Mrs. Raymer baked them.

The cookies were a hands-on activity to reinforce the placement and identity of the organelles. The function of the organelles was reviewed the next day, while everyone enjoyed eating his/her cell cookie. Students said they would like to have edible activities every day and that they enjoyed the treat.

Students Attend CSC Art Day

On Monday, Nov. 5, 2012 the Hay Springs art class attended the CSC Art Department’s annual “Art Day” for area high school students. High school students from Alliance, Bridgeport, Chadron, Crawford, Gordon/Rushville, Hay Springs, Hemingford, Mitchell, Morrill, and Sioux County, Nebraska as well as Douglas and Oelrichs, South Dakota came to participate in the workshops.

Art department faculty, along with CSC art student assistants, provided hands-on workshops and demonstrations from nine different categories: mixed media, pastel drawing, watercolor, wire sculpture, graphic design, ceramics, printmaking, glassblowing, and photography. They informed students of art scholarships available at CSC also.

Each student has the opportunity to experience and create art with three different mediums or methods unavailable to them here at Hay Springs, while meeting other art students. During the day students viewed two art galleries, the Marie Sandoz museum, and Cabela’s animal display on campus, also. This year we had time to visit the Earth Science museum plus other exhibits in the CSC Science building.

Students agreed they were glad they were able to attend, learned new things, and will enjoy the “Art- It’s Serious Stuff” T-shirts they received.

Here are pictures of the students “in action”.

Exciting Change for Preschool

PreKWe our excited to announce that our preschool enrollment numbers have increased drastically over the first semester. As of January 2nd, we will have 19 students enrolled!

To give the children the best learning environment, we will be  splitting our preschool class into a morning and an afternoon session.  This change will take place after Christmas break – beginning January 2, 2013. The younger students will attend the morning session while those students eligible for kindergarten in the fall will attend the afternoon session. This change will allow Mrs. Heiting to better individualize activities to the group and to each student.

Morning Session: 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (Breakfast will be served.)

Afternoon Session: 12:00 to 4:00 p.m. (Lunch will be served.)

The schedule for the preschoolers will be much the same. Drop off and pick up will still be in the classroom. Their day will still include Circle Time, Small Group, PE, Music, Free Play, Outside Time, Etc.

Middle Level Field Trip

Wind Energy

On November 5th, we went to Mike Van Buskirk’s Farm, where he uses 3 wind turbines to help power his farm. He uses the energy for his house, pivots, & wells. When he isn’t using all of the electricity that he produces, he sends it down the electrical line so his neighbors can use it. A small wind turbine costs about $125,000 and can be bought in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. You can go to a website to see what the wind turbine is doing. One of his wind turbines makes the most wind energy in the U.S. The wind turbines were about 100 feet tall and the propellers were 36 feet long.

Mike also showed us moisture blocks. They can tell him how much moisture is in the ground. The first probe is 1 foot in the ground, 2nd 2feet in the ground, & 3rd 3feet in the ground. Probe 1’s meter read 199, Probe 2’s meter read 199 also, and Probe 3’s meter read 68. We found that the deepest probe was the moistest.

by Sydney Tlustos, Brandy Running Hawk, Kristen Rathe, Alexis Olson, Kobe Encinia, & Chris Adams

Corn and Bean Field Trip

On November 5th, we experienced corn and beans. First we stopped at Kelley Bean and talked with Rick Schneider who taught us how to take a sample. Then, we tested the beans for the moisture and the 1-3 tare. Ones are market value, which is about $33 a bushel, and threes are about $28 a bushel. After that we travelled to a corn field to watch Lyndall Letcher of Letcher Farms harvest corn. The high wind knocked over the stalks, causing the ears to fall off. As an example, we picked up ears of corn and estimated the value to be about $200 per acre loss. Then we watched the Case IH combine unload the grain into the J & M grain cart, which will dump the grain into the waiting trucks, to unload into the Letcher Farms grain bins for use on the farm or sold for the farm expenses.

by Nathan Tobiasson, Drew Letcher, & Garrett Weyers

Changing a Tire

We were coming back from our field trip and we had to make an unexpected stop. We had a flat tire, but we had enough air to get to the tire place, Westco. This is how you change one…. First, he (Randy Turman) got a jack and jacked up the suburban. Next, he got an impact and a socket and took off the hub cap and the tire. Then, he took the core out, took the tire off the rim, and was careful not to break the air sensor. After that he ground down where the whole was on the inside, he felt inside with a rag, so he didn’t get hurt, to feel if there were any more nails or stuff in there. Then he sprayed it with a liquid, put glue on, let it dry a little, and put the patch on and used a tool to get the air pockets out. Finally, he put the tire on the rim where he took it off, put the core in, put in 50 psi. of air in and put the rim and the hub cap back on, and let down the jack. We learned how to change a tire and we were ready to go.

by Austin Anderson, Johnny Morrison, Baiden Planansky & Trent Reed

Music Performances and Times

Due to some conflicting information,  I wanted to let everyone know exactly who is performing and when.

Middle level students will be performing with the High School band and choir at the Nights, Lights and Music concert on Saturday, December 15th at 7:15 pm. Presale tickets are $5 and can be purchased at Security First Bank, The Hip Hop, Sackers and at the Hay Springs Public Schools office. Tickets will also be sold at the door for $7.

The Preschool Open House is scheduled for Monday, December 17th at 6:00 pm. Starting in the Old Auditorium.

Kindergarten – 5th grade will be performing on Tuesday, December 18th at 7:00 pm. Please have your students dressed in nice clothes and in the library no later that 6:45 pm. 

There is word that Santa might be present!

I apologize for the conflicting information and hope this clears up any confusion you may have!  Thank you!


High Ability Learners

This year’s High Ability Learner group has five members, Sam Hindman, Jace Langford, Hunter Letcher, Jake Roberts, and Hannah Wohl.  This group’s goal is to extend, challenge, and apply the things they are learning during the school day as well as work on new things at a higher level of thinking.   In October, the group did the “Diet Coke and Mentos” experiment.  They saw the reaction between the coating on the candy and the contents of a pop bottle.  The students further extended the experiment with different sized bottles and amounts.    Currently the group is researching rare animals and will eventually create a dichotomous key.  Overall, the group is high energy and eager to extend and connect the concepts they are learning!


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