Book Fair Coming!

The book fair is coming! Join us at the book fair January 29th – February 1st. You are welcome to come, browse, and make purchases after school until 5:15 PM on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday and until 8 PM on Thursday. It will be open during Parent Teacher Conferences on Thursday!  The online store can be accessed via this link starting January 29th:

We have new ways to pay this year! We will be taking cash, check, credit cards, and eWallet.

What is eWallet you ask? It is a safe and easy way to send your student to school with “money” towards books. Parents, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles can get online through the eWallet link and put money into an account for a student to use at the book fair. You will be able to print off a scan sheet or just let the school know and we can access to see how much they have to spend. This would also be a great way to make a donation to a classroom teacher for them to spend on books to keep in the classroom for students to read!

The book fair is a great way to support our library. All proceeds made from the book fair go towards purchasing new books for the library.

Here is a quick overview of the eWallet system:

This is the link to begin setting up your eWallet:

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