District Music Contest Results

Hay Springs had an amazing day in Alliance at District Music Contest on Wednesday, April 19th. Here are the results of the students’ performances. I=Superior; II=Excellent (ratings can go to a V). If you see these students, congratulate them on their performances!

I-Vocal Quartet-Women’s choir
II-Vocal Trio #1-Men’s Choir
I-Vocal Trio #2-Sam, Emily & Kaden
I-Noah Kelly-Baritone Solo
I-Abigail Nelson-Trumpet Solo
II-Julia, Mya, Noah & Hunter
I-Abby N, Jaelyn, Kaylee
I-Bo Thies- Snare Drum Solo
I-Cooper, Parker, Mason
I-Dylan Young-Bari Sax Solo
I-Gabrielle Twarling-Clarinet Solo
I-Abigail Russell-Flute Solo
I-Mason Albrecht-Tenor Sax Solo
II-Vocal Duet #1 Kaden & Wes
I-Vocal Duet #2 Sam & Emily (Outstanding Performance honorable mention)
II-Vocal Duet #3 Emily & Kaden
I-Wesley Jacobs-Vocal Solo
I-Kaden Langford-Vocal Solo
I-Adrianna Haffner-Vocal Solo
I-Emily Nelson-Vocal Solo
I-Samantha Toof -Vocal Solo
I-Jazz Band
I-Concert Band
I-Mixed Choir

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