First Explorers Robotics Teams

Snowy weather and conflicting sports schedules prevented most of the Hay Springs First Explorers robotics teams from attending the First Lego League qualifier on Saturday, January 28th in Gering. The one member of the robotics team who was able to make it did a wonderful job of presenting his teams project to the judges.

Gus Reimann proudly showed what the “Farm Town” team has been working hard on for the last few months. With a motorized and programed windmill, along with houses, cars, and tractors they had completed quite the project. Other members of the “Farm Town” team were Harper Langford, Laila Stock, Brenna Diers, Jailyn Jancik, Cali Janssen, and Wyatt Palmer.

Unfortunately none of the “Super Power” team were able to make it to Gering. They had made a very impressive build with a windmill and a carousel built together and powered by one motor. This was above and beyond the instructions and intent of the original design. Members of the “Super Power” team were Brecken Starke, Addison Heiting, Bentley Palmer, and Josephine Kendig.

The children learned how to work together, follow complicated directions, and how to program(code) in order to make the windmill spin, stop, and change directions. They also delved into belt and gear driven designs as they expanded their builds or made their cars drivable. Robotics is a 4H sponsored group of second and third graders who build Lego models and then program them to perform.

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