2022 CHI Health Center Omaha / MECA NSAA State Wrestling Items

2022 CHI Health Center Omaha / MECA NSAA State Wrestling Items

-Digital Tickets – All tickets for the NSAA State Wrestling Championships will be sold and received digitally. FOR SCHOOLS THAT PURCHASED THEIR TICKETS THROUGH THE SCHOOL TICKET ORDER FORM – THOSE TICKETS ONLY HAVE THE PRINT OPTION SO THAT THE SCHOOLS CAN PRINT AND DISTRIBUTE. For anyone purchasing through Ticketmaster or any other ticket outlet, those tickets are only digital.

Tickets will be sent to a purchaser via email. For entry, a guest may either access tickets directly from their email inbox or by utilizing the Ticketmaster smart phone app. CHI Health Center Omaha staff members can scan the QR code directly from a visitor’s smart device. Guests will keep their phone(s) in their own possession at all times.

-Cash-Free Facility – CHI Health Center Omaha is a cash-free environment. Please come prepared to purchase both concessions and merchandise with either a card or a mobile device.

For our guest’s convenience, there are multiple Cash 2 Card machines throughout the facility. On the arena side, there are two on the main concourse, one near Guest Services and the other near the Lexus Club. On the convention center side, there is one in the Grand Hallway and another upstairs, on the second floor. There are no fees to use these machines and any monetary balance left on the card maybe used any place that accepts Visa.

-Face Coverings Required – Per order from the Douglas County Health Department, face masks must be worn by all event staff, spectators, and non-competing athletes while inside CHI Health Center Omaha, unless actively eating or drinking. Guests who arrive without a face mask may be supplied one on site.*

-Clear Bag Policy – Bags permitted into CHI Health Center Omaha must be clear plastic, measuring no larger than 12x12x6, or one-gallon clear freezer bags are also permissible. Small, clutch-sized bags measuring 4.5×6.5 may also be allowed into the arena after a security inspection. Exceptions will be made for bags of medical necessity.

Oversized bags or purses are not permitted and must be returned to a vehicle or discarded before entry. See our FAQ here: http://chihealthcenteromaha.com/arena/safety-clear-bag-policies/.

-Camera Policy – Cameras are permitted into the CHI Health Center Omaha for the NSAA State Wrestling Championships. However, their use may not impede the view of other guests or block aisles. Spectator camera bags must adhere to the clear bag policy.

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