District Music Contest Results

Below are the results from District Music Contest in Alliance. “I” is the best and can go down to a “V”. We didn’t receive anything below a “II”. They did a really nice job! Thanks for all your support and kind words and always encouraging the students in their activities!

II – High School Choir
II – Women’s Choir
II – Mens Choir
I – Jocelyn Varvel – piano solo
I – Gabriel Varvel – piano solo
II – RyLee Wolken & Cadell Brunsch – vocal duet
II – Gabby Twarling & Alexa Tonjes – clarinet duet
I – Emily Nelson – vocal solo
I – Ashley Tobiasson – flute solo
I – Abbey Russell – flute solo
I – RyLee Wolken – vocal solo
II – Gage Mintken – alto sax solo
I – Sam Hindman – tenor sax solo
I – Logan DeCoste – bari sax solo
I – Kaden Langford – vocal solo
I – Jocelyn Varvel – baritone solo
I – Gabe Garcia – vocal solo
I – Gabriel Varvel – tuba solo
I – High School Band

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