5th Grade Virtual Field Trip

The fifth graders took part in Water Across Nebraska, a virtual program for 4-6th graders, sponsored by the Nebraska Extension and the Nemaha Natural Resource District. Our greatest natural resource in Nebraska is water. Through this virtual field trip, we learned the importance of environmental stewardship to protect and properly use our natural resources. We watched a demonstration of a water table to see how surface and ground water are connected and played Water Jeopardy.
We also participated in the following hands-on activities:
Water Detective: How much water does your family use in a day?
When the Rain Water Rolls: We saw how materials can run-off into lakes, rivers, and streams when it rains.
Over the Banks: We compared Nebraska rivers at different times of the year to see how the water levels changed and how that affected the land around the river.
Break the Tension: We observed similarities between a water strider and the number of droplets that can fit on the head of a penny.

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