Covid Protocol and Streaming Link for Boys Basketball District Final Game In Valentine 2 p.m. MT

– NSAA requires all fans in attendance to wear a mask.  We are currently operating at 75% capacity which allows us to have 900 fans.  I am guessing we won’t come close to that number.
– Fan Seating – Hay Springs will set on the west side of the gym (scorers table) and Mullen will sit on the east side.
-Locker  Rooms – Mullen will se the South locker room and Hay Springs will use the north locker room.
– Mullen will be the home team and wear white and will sit on the south side of the scorer’s table.  Hay Springs will wear dark uniforms and sit on north side of scorers table.
– Concessions – will be limited to drinks and candy bars.   We only planned for one game as we are hosting on Friday also so not sure what will be left from that night and we are unable to get more stuff.
-Admission will be $5 Adults and $4 students.  Doors will open at 2:00 pm
Live streaming for game:
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