4th Quarter Outstanding Student Shout Outs – (High School)

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The Hay Springs PBIS committee, along with the Hay Springs staff would like to send a huge shout-out to the following high school students for their outstanding effort through the 4th quarter! We are so proud of the work you did!!

Mr. Bounous-Social Studies:

I would like to acknowledge Breely Smith, and Toby Scherbarth. They really upped their game this quarter. 

Mrs. Beguin-English:

The student who stands out in my mind is Sadie Hanks. She didn’t have wifi for a lot of the time we were doing distance learning. However, she was never out of touch with me, continuing to email or text weekly. When she finally did get wifi at her house, she worked hard to get caught up. She’s in three of my classes and came through each of them well, even though she was at a disadvantage for quite a while. 

Ms. Lein:

Ashley T. Economics 

Spencer Video Production 

Hally Video Production 

Ashley Burrows Accounting II and Personal Finance 

Katelin Agler Computer Science and Personal Finance 

Mrs. Varvel-Music: 

I would also like to thank all the band students (and their parents who encouraged them) who took the time to practice their instruments! I am so proud of all your efforts and can’t wait to make music with you again this fall!!

Mr. Letchenberg:

Toby Scherbarth for turning in his work  in a timely manner and having quality work.  (better than ever)                                                                          

Blair Henry for her efforts.

Mr. Rotherham:

Sam H. (10th) – Sam was really a go getter this last quarter, as he was all year. Sometimes I don’t think I had submitted lessons and they were already completed and to a very high standard.

Ashley B, Hunter L, Jake R, Katie E (12th) – the Senior math class did a great job in the last part of the 3rd quarter and throughout the 4th quarter. They had a rough second half of their senior year and I think they did an admirable job doing the best they could to prepare for their next adventure.


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