Pollinator Garden

Back in November, we made a post talking about the 4th grade pollinator garden(https://hshawks.com/2019/11/20/4th-grade-spotlight/). Many of you mentioned that perhaps you would be able to donate some plants or flowers after “spring cleaning” your own flower gardens. The following message is from Mrs. Meeks(the 4th grade teacher):

My class is looking for donations from the community when they clean up their gardens this spring. We are working on a beautification of our school as well as making the front of our school a neat path for enjoying the outdoors. We are looking for all sorts of flowers that are good pollinators. Some for early spring, summer, and fall flowers. BUT we are also going to grow some flowers. IF we could find out who is willing to donate some extra flowers our way as well as what kind of flowers they are it would really help us plan our garden.
Thank you
Mrs. Meeks

Please call or email the school(hawk.contact@hshawks.com) if you would like to donate!

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