Community Interaction via Facebook

Hay Springs School is diving into a new form of community/school interaction via Facebook. The first opportunity comes from the 5th grade taught by Mrs. Anderson. The class would like the community to weigh-in on their ecosystems and the food chain decomposition project.

Fifth graders have been learning about ecosystems and the food chain to develop the idea that plants, animals, and fungi form a system of interdependent parts, with each part dependent of the other parts for its material nourishment.  In our latest investigation, we made mold terrariums to see if the same food will mold faster or slower in different conditions.  Two groups had to test a way that they could encourage decomposition, and two groups had to test a way that would inhibit decomposition.

Group 1: The Popinators – Will adding soda to the food will cause it to decompose more quickly?
Group 2: The Frighties – Will placing mold terrarium in a warm place cause the food to decompose more quickly?
Group A: Camo Princesses – Will adding vinegar to food will inhibit decomposition?
Group B: The Great & Powerful Mold Stoppers – Will placing terrarium in a freezer inhibit decomposition?

For your chance to weigh-in, follow the link below or log onto the Hay Springs Public Schools facebook page.

Weigh-in Here

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