Mr. Bounous, World Geography teacher

Hello!  My name is Brad Bounous, and I am the World Geography teacher in the High School.

I have a class Twitter account, and a class Facebook page. Follow me on Twitter @MrBHSHawks, or on Facebook by searching Mr. Bounous’ Classroom and like it. (I don’t Friend my students on Facebook, this is just a place where I can share stuff about our class.)  I give updates on the class, pictures of what’s going on in class.  (I do NOT post pictures of students, or their work/names.) Reminders to students, interesting articles pertaining to geography, easy access to me (questions about work, class etc.)  I encourage you to follow me.  If you don’t know much about Twitter, or have any questions contact me.  I strongly encourage the kids to follow me, I don’t follow them.  But, it is not mandatory.  If you do not want your child to have Twitter, I totally understand.  Many other school districts are using this technology, and I wanted them to take advantage of this.

I will also have a YouTube channel dedicated to virtual field trips.  I am currently going around the area when I have free time to make education videos for the kids pertaining to geography, and local history.  I hope you watch them and take something from them.  I have had a lot of fun making them,  and since I cannot take my students everywhere to show them these things, I thought I would bring the field trip to them.  I think the kids will enjoy them. it is still under construction so check back often.

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